***Introduction to Wicca class starts on 6 September 2015. Info under the TBA page!***

Welcome to the website for Desert Henge Coven, located in Tucson, Arizona. Our coven practices British Traditional Witchcraft, more commonly known as Gardnerianism. Our coveners take pride in their Tradition and are always happy to help seekers along their path. Go to the Desert Henge information page for a little more about our coven, classes, and members.

We do not hold online classes, but our site has an extensive selection of articles that may help you along your path. If you are looking for hands-on training, Desert Henge welcomes all seekers who wish to attend our weekly classes at our covenstead in Tucson, Arizona. Click here for our contact information!

May the Gracious Lady and Her most Noble Consort ever be your guide on your chosen path. Blessed Be!

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The contents of this site are loosely grouped by topic. Our articles don't contain "How To" information, such as spells or rituals, because we teach those lessons in our weekly coven meetings. They are simply informational pieces on the topics outlined below.
If you would like to submit your work to be posted on our site, feel free to contact us!